The following treatments are indicative of what is available at Renee's Brisbane based natural health clinic. The are also known as alternative or complimentary therapies.

IRIDOLOGY – Iris Analysis / Rayid   

Iris diagnosis gives insight into a patient’s general predisposed constitution and personality. It has been shown to pinpoint areas of potential predisposed genetic weakness, along with the best ways for communication and learning, to suit you.

Nail and Tongue Signs

Different signs on both of these areas show which mineral deficiencies are present.

Herbal Medicines

Herbs are a wonderful choice for those who wish to use them alone or in conjunction with medically prescribed drugs.

Nutritional Medicine

Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other food substances may be prescribed in therapeutic doses when your body is fairly depleted. It is at this stage that increased demands for supplements are required to regain its basic biochemistry to function normally again.

Diet Modifications
Elimination, detoxification diets and other modifications maybe used to relieve sensitivity reactions, clear the body of toxins, and aid the absorption of essential nutrients. Where possible, the area of Food Medicine, using diets and specific foods to treat ones specific needs or imbalances is the ideal self help regime to follow. Diet will affect ones stress levels, state of mind and general well being.


Lifestyle Modifications

The use of exercise, hobbies, time organization, relaxation, visualization, or meditation techniques will positively alter coping ability. These aids are incorporated to reduce stress and enhance one’s aspects on life.

Flower Essences

Either Bach or Bush flower essences are used to balance and heal negative thought patterns. It is our thought patterns that can contribute to physical diseases. These are energy medicines that work on a mental & emotional level, as well as on the physical. They complement medical, homeopathic, and naturopathic treatments.

Service Categories

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