Homeopathy  “Safer, Saner Medicines”

In the late 18th century, Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician started the practice of Homeopathy based on the writings and practices of the ancient Greeks and Swiss. The methods have been used with great success and remain today as an effective scientific system of healing.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from plant, animal and minerals using strict pharmaceutical guidelines which is followed by Renee in her Brisbane clinic.

Homeopathic remedies when properly prescribed by a practitioner are a very effective way of removing a patient’s symptoms. Expectant mothers, babies and the elderly can safely take remedies.

As there are over 4000 different medicines available to treat the person, they have the ability to treat a range of illnesses from common colds to cancer, anxiety to depression as well as first aid conditions.

Homeopathic remedies are complementary to pharmacy medicines and they may be safely used in conjunction with each other.

As practitioners we believe the body has a natural will to survive. We have an immune system, endocrine glands and a nervous system to provide us with an inbuilt resistant to invasion by disease.

If we were to look further into the body, we would find a natural force that works on the mental and emotional planes and can result in a renewed attitude to life and an improved sense of wellbeing. We call this the patient’s ‘Vital Force’.

We also believe that no two patients are alike. If twenty flu sufferers visited an orthodox medical practitioner chances are they would be prescribed antibiotics, possibly of the same type.

Homeopaths work towards treating the whole person and therefore just as we are all individuals, our individual remedies will differ.

‘Less is more’- a strange paradox?

Hahnemann found that in reducing the dosages of the medicines he was still able to get a curative result without the uncomfortable side effects associated with many of the drugs.
As he diluted the remedies further, he uncovered the secret of Homeopathic medicines – that when he vigorously shook or ‘succussed’ the diluted remedies they gained potency and became more powerful and worked deeper.

Homeopathic treatment can be very subtle, so one may not notice any dramatic changes straight away. This generally is the case when it is a chronic condition, which manifested over a period of time and so it too may be expected to diminish at the same pace. Therefore the specific remedy will only be dispensed once or twice over a number of months. In the treatment of acute conditions, such as colds or accidents which come on suddenly.

The ideal remedy selected will also react quickly but may have to be taken more often to combat the intensity of the condition.  The ideal direction of cure will occur from inward to outward (eg. digestive symptoms clear before skin symptoms), from top to bottom (eg. mental symptoms will improve before any physical symptoms), and in reverse order of appearance (the last signs and symptoms to appear will be the first to go).